(#130) Smoked Sea Salted Caramel

(#129) Baked Apples & Honey

Buttered apples baked in cinnamon and clove with a spoonful of honey. 

(#128) Pistachio & Rose Kulfi: Indian Ice Cream

Indian ice cream (kulfi) is made with sweetened condensed milk and typically pistachio, cardamom, rose, mango, or saffron. For this one I used organic dried rose petals, rosewater, pistachios.

(#127) Roasted Plantain & Coconut

I haven't been posting to the blog enough. And it's a shame because I've been coming out with some pretty out-there flavors. Like this one -- Roasted Plantain & Coconut. Plantain is the latest ingredient to be added to my stash and I can certainly say that I'll be working it into my list of regulars (alongside anise, cardamom, cayenne, ginger, and...rum). 

Le Jus D'Orange: Two Pints of Scoopsies!

I was never much of baker. Nor was I a good cook. After making ice cream for two years, something just clicked one day. I started cooking more and more. Nowadays, I'm always baking. The more complicated a dish, the more I want to try it. And I'm constantly searching for adventurous food blogs. Le Jus D'Orange, the blog of my new friend, Betty, had me in awe. Star Anise Tea Eggs? Pork Mooncakes? Bourbon Rosemary Apple Crisp!!!? And her food photos? Don't get me started! 

Having just gone apple picking and searching for a use for my 30 pounds of Tougas Farm apples, I picked up a bottle of bourbon and some sprigs of rosemary and baked a few mini pans and a pie of Betty's crisp. I added some lavender and orange zest because, why not? And handed them out to my friends (just kidding -- I ate them all myself).
Betty and I have joined forces and have put together a fun little giveaway! It will run for the next two weeks and all you have to do is "like" Scoopsies & Le Jus D'Orange on Facebook or Instagram and tell us your favorite flavor! We will randomly select a winner, who will receive TWO pints of Scoopsies ice cream (delivery included). Bon appetit!  
Last three photos by Betty, Le Jus D'Orange

(#126) Anise & Orange Zest: In Love With Jersey Cow Milk

Toasted anise seeds + orange zest + Jersey cow milk = Ahhh gimme! Can't you taste the stunning texture by just looking at these photos? 

(#125) Sweet Pea: The Alternative Sweet Cream

Sweet Pea - a novelty flavor that tastes familiar and nostalgic. Another one of our fairytale inspired flavors, this one was for The Princess & The Pea. And guess what? We put a pea in the middle of each pint -- you know, for good luck! 

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(#124) Cinnamon Chai Cookie: A Flavor For Akhil

My boyfriend is the ultimate Cookie Monster. So much so, that for his birthday, I gave him a giant jar filled with a cookie medley. Note: his birthday was a few weeks ago and that jar is 90% empty (or 10% full if you're a cookie optimist!). I made this flavor for him (he's Indian, hence the chai twist) and it was such a hit that I made a ton more and put it up in my shop. As with the cookies in his jar -- there's more where that came from!

(#123) Chocolate Cayenne: Hott Chocolate

It's Hott Chocolate. Chocolate with a spicy kick. I love watching people eat this flavor. I'll warn them beforehand that it's "very spicy!" They'll take a bite, hold a neutral face, and a delayed few seconds later, nod their head as the cayenne hits.

(#122) Rose with Rose Caramel Swirl

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sharing three fairytale-themed ice cream flavors at the Nave Gallery Annex in Somerville for their exhibit opening. I brought along Sweet Pea (it had one single pea in the middle that brought good luck to whoever found it in their scoop), Red Bean, and this Rose Ice Cream. The homemade rose caramel, made with organic rose petals, was just...magical!